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  1. Jocelyn Explains It All

    Edit after 5th purchase:
    I think my first batch of these was defective, because I finally decided to try opening one of the sealed envelopes again, and I had to rip it to open it. So they either changed to a stronger adhesive or the first batch just wasnít great. So Iíve changed my review to 5 stars since the adhesion was the only downside.

    This is my second purchase of these and Iíll keep buying them!

    I own an online sticker shop so I go through 50-75 envelopes a week. Iíve tried a bunch of different brands and envelopes are pretty much all made the same. I like these because theyíre black and go with my brand colors and I donít have to moisten the glue strip or anything.

    They arenít see through, even when held up to the light. I ship stickers in them and the envelopes are thick enough so they donít get bent or crumpled in transit.

    Reason for only 4 stars:

    The only possible downside is that the adhesive on the flap isnít very strong so itís easily opened and doesnít leave any evidence of being tampered with. Which is something you definitely donít want when mailing out important things! Itís not a problem for me because I always put a thank you sticker over the flap anyway, but itís something to consider for those who donít.

    5x7 Black Invitation Envelopes - 110 Pack5×7 Black Invitation Envelopes – 110 Pack

  2. Anastasia

    I got these to mail out samples and catalogs for my small business as an independent stylist. The forest green is a beautiful color and really stands out.

    Keep in mind, when using envelopes in darker shades, it will be hard to see any handwritten addresses on it if you use regular pens directly on the envelope. You can use either paint pens, a metallic pen/sharpie, or else you must first stick a white or pastel label sticker before writing on it with a regular pen. These are sturdy and have good adhesion, with a peel and stick type closure.

    Glad we will not have to worry about being like Georgeís Fiance and drop dead because we had to lick a ton of toxic envelope adhesive. Yuck! Lol. Plus who wants to receive a licked envelope when itís still COVID outside… no one!! Better get this cute self adhesive kind!!

    5x7 Pine Green Invitation Envelopes - 110 Pack5×7 Pine Green Invitation Envelopes – 110 Pack

  3. Kaitlyn D. Traughber

    Have you ever had to send a letter to your no-good husband in the prison system? Have you ever wished to write a letter to Granny Pearl when you heard Uncle Lester r-u-n-o-f-t? Better yet, have you ever taken the cutest baby pictures of little Jethro toting his first Red Rider BB gun while heís still wearing onesies?

    Well, do I have the envelopes for you!

    This envelopes are guaranteed to bring class and simplicity to even the most complicated situation. The cleanliness of the white is inspiring! The stickiness of the adhesive is like the glue that should hold our world together. The sturdiness of these envelopes represents the foundation our very country was built on.

    You will never ask for a better envelope! Whether youíre alerting your family to your change of address from the south 40 to the north 65 or announcing your third job this month with a beautiful postage card, this is the envelope of your dreams.

    5x7 White Invitation Envelopes - 110 Pack5×7 White Invitation Envelopes – 110 Pack