5×7 White Invitation Envelopes – 110 Pack

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  • Premium 110 Pack White Special Occasions Envelopes 5×7 inches – Envelope dimensions are 5 ¼ x 7 ¼ inches. Perfect for A7/5×7 weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduations and all sorts of party invitation cards. Stuff the envelopes with, photos, CDs, cards or whatever else you need. Your order comes with the best quality envelopes on Amazon. When you place your order today, you will receive a 110-pack white self seal envelopes as well as exceptional customer service.
  • Effortless Self-Seal – Gone are the days of licking yucky glue! Simple Peel & Seal. Saving you time and effort. No more awkward paper cuts on your tongue – Ouch!
  • Guaranteed Privacy – 120 GSM – 32lb Bond/80lb Text – 32lb Bond is similar to having two pieces of standard printer paper together. Not too thick, not too thin, just right! Envelopes are thick enough to prevent transparency. You can stuff the envelopes with whatever bright color cards you want without having to worry about the contents of the envelope being exposed. Please check your card size to ensure we have a perfect fit.
  • Printer Friendly – Laser & Inkjet Compatible – Perfect envelopes to print on. Perfect size and weight, never worry about smudging or having the envelopes engulfed by your printer. Our envelopes are designed to be printer friendly with all printers.
  • An Affordable Extravagance – Save invitation costs and get the best value for your money now. When you order today, you’re protected by a 60-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee and world class customer service!

1 review for 5×7 White Invitation Envelopes – 110 Pack

  1. Kaitlyn D. Traughber

    Have you ever had to send a letter to your no-good husband in the prison system? Have you ever wished to write a letter to Granny Pearl when you heard Uncle Lester r-u-n-o-f-t? Better yet, have you ever taken the cutest baby pictures of little Jethro toting his first Red Rider BB gun while he’s still wearing onesies?

    Well, do I have the envelopes for you!

    This envelopes are guaranteed to bring class and simplicity to even the most complicated situation. The cleanliness of the white is inspiring! The stickiness of the adhesive is like the glue that should hold our world together. The sturdiness of these envelopes represents the foundation our very country was built on.

    You will never ask for a better envelope! Whether you’re alerting your family to your change of address from the south 40 to the north 65 or announcing your third job this month with a beautiful postage card, this is the envelope of your dreams.

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